English in Advent
Part 1

Santa Claus surveyed his business empire,

Feeling some days that he was like an umpire,

Observing the elves working at their quick pace,

Making sure that each present would reach the right place.


At times, Santa felt like the work was a success.

However, there was just one lingering mess.

The number of languages to know caused such dizziness,

But he also knew one truth: better English, better business!


All businesses go through some growing pains,

And the elves were all making some fluency gains.

But English words can mean some different things,

Depending on where the local Christmas bell rings.


Santa sighed while remembering the German’s wish for a new handy.

A handy what? A handy man? Well that’s just fine and dandy!

‘Cause in English it means useful, but how could he have known

That when spoken in German, it meant a mobile phone.


There was also the time Santa delivered a grill.

The reindeer all knew the gift would provide a big thrill!

Except what was wanted was a broiler that day,

Not a propane device to send burgers one’s way!


It was time to fix the errors to stop terror in each gift.

Christmas is a time where spirits must uplift!

But where could they go to help the English skills grow?

Santa turned to his trusty No. 8, ‘cause he’d know!


Santa said, “We need someone of the highest quality!”

“We must learn English better to be the best we can be!”


Are you ready to explore the English you know?

Take a look at the questions you can find down below!

Join us next week to see what is in store,

As Santa’s little helpers learn English some more!

1. Advent Quiz

1. Santa says he feels like what on some days?
2. What is the name of Santa’s trusty helper?
3. In paragraph 4, the English word “handy” is closest in meaning to?
4. In paragraph 2, line 2, the phrase “lingering mess” best describes…
5. In paragraph 1, line 4, how would you describe the meaning of the word “present”?
6. In paragraph 3, line 4, “Depending on where the local Christmas bell rings” describes what?
7. In paragraph 4, the phrase “well that’s just fine and dandy” is closest in meaning to?