English in Advent
Part 4

English in advent - part 4

Krampus took the lead on the Christmas delivery.

The Grinch’s catching up was in no way at all frippery.

If Santa was going to stay at the top of the holiday industry,

He would need a lot more than just good publicity.


The elves now knew the motto: “Better English, Better Business.”

Meant fluency gave their company more influence during Christmas.

They had practiced their words, the spellings, and changes,

Eliminating all of the season’s awkward exchanges.


Santa had confidence that the gifts were being made right.

He and Rudolph would fly off successfully in the night.

Every glowing tree would see the glee of children in the morning light.

No one could catch Santa’s company when it was glowing so bright!


It had been a tough year, with lockdowns and such.

Santa knew he’d pull through at this moment, so clutch!

All of the work learning English had created more accuracy,

And the whole team had pulled together very, very admirably.


Krampus and the Grinch could only watch Santa succeed.

You could see in their eyes a small touch of greed.

Santa told them his secret of learning English at the shop,

Which is how his business could always stay there on top.


He showed them the courses that the elves had all studied.

How it was fun to stop knowledge from being partially muddied.

And, wouldn’t you know it, their wisdom grew three times that day.

English was a light that had shown them the way!


Some people are so creative that they can’t settle in one place.

Others like feeling comfortable by having a home base.

Regular training and testing help everyone to stay ready,

Because the business of Christmas is one that is steady!


These questions can help you to get ready for next year,

When Santa’s hiring spree will once again be coming near.

Will you be ready with the answers at hand?

Take a look down below to see if you already understand!

1. Who are Santa’s competitors?
2. Why did Santa think it had been a tough year?
3. “Glowing” in stanza 3, line 3, refers to what?
4. In stanza 6, line 2, the term “partially muddied” refers to…
5. Why do you think Santa would share his secret to success with the competition?
6. In the first stanza, which of the following describes who is in first, second, and third place?
7. What do Santa and Rudolph do together?