Covid-19 update: All Business English courses are available online. For local clients, meeting in person remains possible.

TOEIC (Test Of English For International Communication) is the international gold standard in terms of language skills. It is DEKRA certified, and each year around 7 million people take the test. More than 14.000 businesses trust TOEIC to ensure the English skills of their employees.

Why is TOEIC important?

Being TOEIC-certified is incredibly advantageous, for companies and individuals alike. If you can include the TOEIC on your CV, you will have an immediate edge over others. Simultaneously, it is a benchmark for businesses to validate the English skills of their employees.

Beyond that, there are also psychological benefits for those participating in a TOEIC English course. It has been proven that the possibility of earning a certificate at the end of a course significantly boosts the willingness to learn.

How does one attain a TOEIC certificate?

As a TOEIC-certified coach, I am qualified to provide the necessary training and administer the test at the end of it. The TOEIC program is made up of TOEIC Bridge, TOEIC Listening and Reading, TOEIC Speaking and Writing and TOEIC 4 Skills.

If you want to add a TOEIC certificate to your in-house English courses, feel free to contact me. This is even a possibility if your course is not provided by me. But it certainly helps.

I look forward to giving anybody, who wants to improve their Business English a little extra motivation!

The TOEIC turnkey solution for your business

For more information on how to use the TOEIC as a turnkey solution for running truly effective English courses in your business, please read my article to learn more.

More Courses

Private Lessons

Are you looking for a way to help senior executives improve their English? Considering the continuous progress of globalization, it is nearly impossible for businesses to operate only within the borders of their respective country. That is why being able to effectively communicate with international partners is now more important than ever before. As it is the lingua franca of the business world, there is no avoiding English.

Group Courses

In my group courses, participants learn to adequately express themselves in a controlled and dynamic environment which accelerates the learning process. I focus on making the group sessions fun for everybody which I find increases motivation and leads to significantly better results. 

Conversational Consulting

I can also function as a consultant. We will discuss ideas and strategies about the company’s future – in English. Through this, you will get my advice whilst your English steadily increases.


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