Covid-19 update: All Business English courses are available online. For local clients, meeting in person remains possible.

Stronger together – a mantra that is universally true. However, working together requires good communication skills. For the world of business, that means you need to have good English skills. With my Business English online program, this becomes possible.

Why are Business English skills so important?

For senior executives, one quality is paramount: communication. More often than not, this includes talking to foreign business partners. This almost never happens in German – international communication is ruled by one language: English.

If you can master Business English, international collaboration promises a lot of potential. You can better work on solutions across borders and tackle mutual projects when you have a common language with which to communicate.

What makes my English Training special?

Traditional courses are often too time-intensive and do not offer the level of flexibility needed. This discourages many people and companies.

That is why I do things differently: My individual coaching utilizes the proven learning-by-doing approach. This means you learn by simply speaking English and getting useful impulses from me where they are necessary. I structure the course to focus on a few key issues and not just flood you with information.

An individual course for everybody working for your company may be too much of a financial burden – but the advantages of having senior executives with great Business English skills are immense: They can effectively work together with foreign businesses, advance projects and better fill their role as leaders.

If you are interested in this service, please feel free to contact me.

More Courses

Group Courses

In my group courses, participants learn to adequately express themselves in a controlled and dynamic environment which accelerates the learning process. I focus on making the group sessions fun for everybody which I find increases motivation and leads to significantly better results. 

Conversational Consulting

I can also function as a consultant. We will discuss ideas and strategies about the company’s future – in English. Through this, you will get my advice whilst your English steadily increases.

TOEIC Certificate

What makes me the right person for you? I am a TOEIC certified coach and test administrator. TOEIC is the most reliable way to secure a high proficiency in Business English. I am qualified to administer TOEIC tests. This allows participants in my courses to take home a TOEIC certificate at the end of the course. In the past, the possibility of achieving a tangible goal like this has been shown to increase the willingness to learn by an astounding amount.


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