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Daniel Nicol, Business English Trainer

Hi there! My name is Daniel and I am a Business English coach. I am also fluent in German. My mission is to bring the English skills of your company to the next level. What exact measures need to be taken is entirely up to you. I have many programs to perfectly suit your needs.

English Courses

Group CourseS

In my group courses, participants learn to adequately express themselves in a controlled and dynamic environment which accelerates the learning process. I focus on making the group sessions fun for everybody which I find increases motivation and leads to significantly better results. 

Private Lessons

Are you looking for a way to help senior executives improve their English? Considering the continuous progress of globalization, it is nearly impossible for businesses to operate only within the borders of their respective country. That is why being able to effectively communicate with international partners is now more important than ever before. As it is the lingua franca of the business world, there is no avoiding English.

TOEIC Certificate

What makes me the right person for you? I am a TOEIC certified coach and test administrator. TOEIC is the most reliable way to secure a high proficiency in Business English. I am qualified to administer TOEIC tests. This allows participants in my courses to take home a TOEIC certificate at the end of the course. In the past, the possibility of achieving a tangible goal like this has been shown to increase the willingness to learn by an astounding amount.

Conversational Consulting

In my conversational consulting sessions, we will discuss ideas and strategies about your company’s future – in English. Through this, you will get my advice whilst your English steadily increases.

No suitable course here? I would be happy to discuss individual offers with you.

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